Looking down the Holme Valley from Cartworth Moor Quarry

Stone is a natural earth-friendly material. It is perhaps the most sustainable choice of material when considering making sculpture for the public domain. It has a surprisingly low carbon footprint; I use locally quarried stone, I carve it, then I install it. There are very few processes involved.

In Britain we are fortunate to have great geological diversity and a ready supply of an enormous range of different stone, all within a relatively small area, meaning there’s no need to ship materials from the other side of the world.

An ethical approach; I make all my artwork myself, from roughing out huge blocks of stone to the most intricate carving, from concept to installation.

I like collaborating with people working in other disciplines and liaise with landscape architects, designers, structural engineers and artists working with other media. I am also used to working with specialists in moving and installing sculpture, dry stone walling and landscaping.

Big lump of stone